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Humidity and your Air Conditioning system

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If you live on the Sunshine Coast there is a good chance that you will be the owner of an Air-conditioning system. Those that don’t yet have an air-conditioning system installed surly will have thought about doing so on one of our hot humid summer days.

The sunshine coast in summer can be very humid, interestingly the sunshine coast is actually classified as a humid subtropical climate falling short of being a tropical climate only because of the cool nights we experience during our winters.

With average humidity on the sunshine coast sitting around 70% for a large part of the year, it’s worth considering the affects of humidity on residential and commercial air-conditioning systems when making the choice of which air-conditioning system you would like to implement in the home or office.

The most important factor to understand about humidity and air-conditioning is that extra humidity in the air will make the temperature feel warmer than it really is. Knowing this simple fact it is easy to see that humidity plays a large part in the effectiveness and efficiency of an air-conditioning system.

An air-conditioning system works by both removing heat and humidity in the air. The hotter and more humid the air, the harder the unit will have to work. If a system fails in either cooling air, or removing humidity the result will be that your home or office may never truly feel comfortable. If your air-conditioning fails in removing humidity from the air, you might find your skin always feeling clammy, your windows may fog, and you might even experience excessive mould or a musty odour due to the extra water in the air.

The best way to keep your house or office comfortable in humid climates is with a Dehumidifier/air-cooling system. The more humid the climate, the more important the dehumidifying system will be on the total efficiency of your air-conditioning system. On the Sunshine Coast, especially in summer, it will be very important that your air-conditioning system can control the humidity levels we experience. With the correct system installed you will feel cooler more refreshed and as a great bonus you will be consuming less energy and therefore saving money on your electricity bill.

At Atkinson air we have more than 20 years experience cooling homes, offices, and commercial spaces throughout the Sunshine Coast. We understand the climate we live in and enjoy and we understand the requirements of the perfect air-conditioning system for the humid coastal climate.

If you would like advice on the perfect air-conditioning system for you don’t hesitate to get into contact with us. We have a sunshine coast air-conditioning specialist ready and waiting to answer all questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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