Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

Atkinsons Air is one of Queenslands leading airconditioning experts. Since we began in 1995, we have grown to become recognised throughout the state as experts in both residential and commercial installations

You’ll benefit from Atkinsons Air service and experience when implementing your new system. Our experienced team can help guide on on what system will work best for your space. Our preferred systems use technology and design that provide the most effective and efficient air conditioning solutions.


We have successfully designed and implemented complex commercial air conditioning in different industries ranging from industrial sites to large scale shopping centers to schools, hospitals, and large office blocks. We help clients choose the right dimension, brand, and type of air conditioning units that suit their commercial buildings, reducing energy usage and costs in the long run. We will work closely with you to plan and deliver a comfortable, efficient, sustainable, practical and cost effective solution.


Installing a high–efficiency commercial air conditioning system in your premises will help reduce energy costs by up to 60%. We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive installation services, helping our commercial clients to choose and obtain the best air conditioning systems to meet their needs. Whether you are looking for an upgrade or replacement of your entire commercial air conditioning system, call us for quality services from a reputable air conditioning company.


We are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ satisfaction. We understand that when your commercial AC is not functioning properly, it negatively impacts your day-to-day business operations. We can maintain your AC system to ensure it functions properly. Routine maintenance will ensure the most cost efficient and energy effective running air conditioning system. We have a responsive emergency service. 

100% Guarantee on Quality and Workmanship


From Unit Blocks, shopping centres to large office spaces Atkinsons Air can help you. 

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