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Air Conditioning Systems

Knowing which air-conditioning system is right for your home and the Sunshine Coast lifestyle, is one of the biggest questions we get asked. That’s why we provide a fully free consultation at your home before recommending any system.

But to help explain the differences between the various air-conditioning systems, in particular Australia’s leading Fujitsu systems, please find some information below. If you would like to know more about any of these systems, please just get in touch with us on 07 5448 8389 or through or website contact

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Wall mounted Split Air-Conditioning

Wall mounted systems are the most popular type of air conditioning systems for single room heating and cooling, you’ve likely seen them in friend’s homes, restaurants and even in smaller commercial buildings. Benefits include:

  • Quickly and efficiently cools and heats most single sized rooms to your ideal temperature.
  • Stylishly design that can be installed on almost any wall, and is standardised across the Fujitsu range so that all of your air conditioning units look the same throughout your home.
  • Easy to use controllers to help you get the most out of your system, with higher-end models featuring sensor controls, sleep functions and other advanced features.
  • Up to a 5-star energy ratings.

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ducted air-conditioning systems

Ducted Air-Conditioning

The ultimate way to manage comfort throughout your home, you can control multiple rooms, or the entire house using just one system. Ducted air-conditioning is exceptionally discreet being concealed in your ceilings, walls or floors. Benefits include:

  • Ducted systems offer remarkably quiet performance and seamless integration into your home’s design and décor.
  • The entire system and your home’s temperature can be set from one easy to use LCD control panel.
  • Advanced technology such as zone control and programmable timers mean the system can be highly energy efficient.
  • Single phase power allows for greater installation flexibility.

Since opening in 1995, Atkinsons Air has grown to be one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading air-conditioning experts. Get in touch with our friendly team today to chat about your air-conditioning needs.
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multi-type systems

Multi Type Air-Conditioning Systems

Ideal for older larger homes, the biggest benefits of multi-type systems is that one outdoor unit can be connected to a variety of indoor units, including wall mounted, consoles, cassette and ducted units. Benefits include:

  • Each indoor unit can be individually controlled, so you to set different temperatures in each room around your home.
  • As each room can be set separately, multi-type air-conditioning systems can be as, if not more efficient that multiple stand alone units.
  • The system is more compact in larger homes as the outdoor compressor unit can be installed on a roof or hidden around your home.
  • Advanced controls allow for one easy centralised management panel.

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Fujitsu Air conditioning systems

split air-conditioning systems

Cassette Split Air-Conditioning Systems

Incorporating the latest Fujitsu technology, these units can fit neatly into your ceiling and circulate air through 2, 3 or 4 sides of the system. In addition, flaps allow air to be directed in either a pre-set or sweep pattern. Benefits include:

  • Cassette units are discreet with only the grills showing in the ceiling, only fully ducted systems are more discreet.
  • A highly efficient fan design, the cassette unit’s wide airflow ensures even temperature distribution.
  • Advanced timer functionality lets you plan your usage, helping you save on power consumption.
  • Cassette air-conditioning systems are easy to clean and maintain.

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