Why is my air conditioner dripping water?

All air conditioners collect a small amount of moisture as part of their normal operation. Aircons cool by passing air through an evaporator coil. As the air cools it loses some of its ability to hold humidity and just like a cold drink left sitting on a warm day water

Simple Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

The majority of people think of their heating and air conditioning systems on only two occasions; when they receive their monthly power bills and when the A/C quits working properly. This is understandable because many Australian households spend upward of 27 percent of their total yearly energy budget on air-conditioning

4 Steps For Choosing the Perfect Fujitsu Air Conditioner

1. How Much Power Do You Need?
As a rough guide, we recommend around 120 watts of power per square metre for bedrooms and around 150 watts per square metre for more open areas such as living rooms and office spaces.

2. What Air Conditioning Features Do You Need?
One of the most


Humidity and your Air Conditioning system

If you live on the Sunshine Coast there is a good chance that you will be the owner of an Air-conditioning system. Those that don’t yet have an air-conditioning system installed surly will have thought about doing so on one of our hot humid summer days.

The sunshine coast in summer

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