Residential Air Conditioning Solutions

Atkinsons Air is one of Queenslands leading airconditioning experts. Since we began in 1995, we have grown to become recognised throughout the state as experts in both residential and commercial installations 

You’ll benefit from Atkinsons Air’s residential air conditioning service and experience when implementing your new system. Our experienced team can help guide on on what system will work best for your space. Whether it’s bedroom, living space, or an entire house we can help you. Our preferred systems use technology and design that provide the most effective and efficient air conditioning solutions.


Atkinsons Air offers residential air conditioning systems with styles and designs to suit your home. We have a wide range of air conditioning units, that range from wall mounted, stand-alone units to house-wide ducted systems. As well as many others that will match your individual needs. There is no doubt that there will be an air conditioning system for you.


Atkinsons Air provides air conditioning installations to individual properties, large developments and commercial premises. We offer the finest service on the Sunshine Coast with a guarantee on both service and quality.


All air-conditioning outlets require maintenance and Atkinsons Air offers a full maintenance and repair service. Maintenance contracts are designed specifically to suit your air-conditioning system and are available to suit your individual requirements.

100% Guarantee on Quality and Workmanship


We customise each individual system to suit your requirement at no extra cost.

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