STERIL-AIRE commercial

improved indoor environmental quality

UVC Solutions for Commercial

Commercial and office buildings face serious environmental and operational challenges.

Facility directors and property managers trust Steril-Aire to support their bottom line and sustainability goals by improving HVAC operational efficiency through reduced energy and maintenance costs. They also look to Steril-Aire to deliver a healthy environment with improved indoor environmental quality (IAQ). They know Steril-Aire UVC solutions are critical to their success in highly competitive industries.

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Steril-Aire UVC controls microorganisms

Backed by science—Steril-Aire UVC technology.

Protect your business and your profits with a serious solution, backed by science—Steril-Aire UVC technology.

Thanks to years of research and multiple patents, Steril-Aire’s high output UVC Emitters® make safe and continuous coil cleaning possible in the cold airstreams of HVAC with no dangerous byproducts or ozone. Steril-Aire UVC controls microorganisms at the source – the HVAC coils and drain pans for optimal HVAC performance and indoor air quality (IAQ).


Only Steril-Aire UVC Emitters deliver:

  • The most rapid return investment. On average, Steril-Aire UVC solutions pay for themselves in less than two years.
  • The highest output at HVAC operating conditions for optimal germicidal control
  • The lowest life-cycle cost of any UVC product
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced costly HVAC maintenance and cleaning programs
  • Energy savings by restoring heat transfer and chiller efficiency
  • Contribution to LEED points in multiple categories


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